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The Hospice Care Team


Many skilled and caring people make up the CTMC Hospice team. The hospice staff works together to be certain the patient is getting the best possible care with the least invasion into the home and family life.

Team members include:

The Patient and their Family

Both will be actively involved in the development of the care plan.
Registered Nurses
One registered nurse is specifically assigned to the patient and will coordinate care. This provides the patient with one familiar person who acts as a case manager. Registered nurses are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist hospice patients.
Nurse's Aides
Certified nurse's aides assist the patient with personal care and hygiene in the privacy of the patient's home.
Medical Social Workers
A social worker is available to assist in finding community resources and in providing emotional support to the patient and the family.
The Patient's Doctor
The patient's current physician is an important part of the CTMC Hospice team and directs the plan of care.
Medical Director
A medical director provides an ongoing review of each case, working with the patient's doctor in developing a care plan.
Licensed therapists available to assist the patient and family include physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists. Dietitians can also assist the family with nutrition and menu planning. Each is dedicated to making the most of time the patient has with their family and loved ones.
Dedicated volunteers complete an intensive training program and assist the hospice team in a variety of ways including grief support, office help, fundraising and assisting the patient and their family.
In addition to the patient's own clergy, a chaplain is available toprovide families and patients of any faith with spiritual support.