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Birthing Options


The Women's Center at CTMC allows mothers the option to labor in this special tub. 

Whether you are delivering your first child or your third, today’s mom has many birthing options for creating a family-centered experience. CTMC is proud to offer a laboring tub to laboring mothers, birthing coaches are welcome, and our team is experienced with natural childbirth strategies.

About Birthing Coaches

Most women look to their husbands to act as a birthing coach during the labor process. This is a meaningful experience that a couple can share as their baby is born. Another option available to a woman is the ability to have a personal birthing coach (or doula) present. Other family members are often just as emotional or anxious as mom is, and having a trained coach can alleviate fears or keep mom focused on her intended birthing plan.

While CTMC labor-delivery nurses are experienced and helpful with encouragement and guidance for laboring moms, expecting parents are welcome to bring a birthing coach. A doula (a Greek word meaning "women supporting women") is not a medical professional, but a personal assistant who provides support and encouragement throughout labor and delivery. While honoring the mother’s birth plan, the labor nurse or physician will play the primary role in deciding what is in the best interest of the mom and/or baby should there be complications or concerns.

Planning a Natural Delivery

If you decide to have a natural delivery, the team at CTMC will gladly support your decision. In order to prepare, you will want to plan ahead and know what to expect during your delivery. Let CTMC help you with your natural delivery.


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