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Turn back the clock

Aug 31

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8/31/2012 3:46 PM  RssIcon

Turn Back the Clock: Ground Rules for Successful Aging

Be positive.

The words you speak and the thoughts you accept determine your point of view. Don’t speak or think negatively unless you want your negative point of view to come true.


Accept Yourself.

Make peace with the way you are and you will make peace with life. Accept every aspect of you, particularly the aspects that you don’t like.


Let go.

To restore your effectiveness and peace of mind, let go of your demands for how life should be and make peace with the way life is.


Express your love.

To have love, open your heart and give love. Accept and appreciate people the way they are. See the love and beauty in everyone.


Accept full responsibility for your actions.

Accepting responsibility allows you to take charge of your life.


Forgive yourself.

At the moment you did whatever you did, you saw life in a very particular way. If you were wiser and more aware, you could have acted very differently, but you weren’t. Forgive yourself for  not being wiser and more aware. Forgive yourself for acting consistent with your limited awareness. You did the very best you could with the equipment you had.

Let go of resentment.

Forgive the person for not being wiser and more aware. Forgive the person for acting consistently with his or her limited ability. Forgive so you can heal your heart and get on with your life.


Don’t overspend.

Stress about money is almost always due to overspending. When spending exceeds your income, you can expect to get upset. To create a life of prosperity, make sure you spend less than you earn. If you want to get your finances in order, learn how to live on a budget. Starting on September 5, 2012, Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University will take place every Wednesday through October 31 in San Marcos. For more information, contact Charles Reeves at (512) 757-5082.



Make your life about more than YOU. When you focus on serving others, upsets and problems dissolve. Find something more important than you and throw yourself into it! There are many opportunities to serve at CTMC. If you are interested in finding out more about volunteering, contact Volunteer Coordinator Belinda Gardner at (512) 753-3685.


Experience your spirituality.

Be still and listen. Pray and trust your intuition. Find what enhances your spiritual experience and do it!

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