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Wellness Warrior: Bea Tyler stays moving for health

Sep 17

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9/17/2012 7:34 AM  RssIcon

CTMC Cath Lab Manager Bea Tyler stays active by walking with her dogs.

CTMC Cath Lab Manager Bea Tyler has stayed committed to her health and wellness by making exercise a top priority in her life Bea has been with CTMC since 1995 and was eager to share some of her tips and tricks for wellness. 

You were nominated for Wellness Warrior because you make exercise such a huge part of your life. What do you enjoy doing and how do you stay on track?

I like to walk and occasionally jog.  For the last couple of years, I have also been doing weights at the gym (3 days/week).  Four days a week, I walk at home. I live in Wimberley, so I have some hills to climb.  Even though I go the same route, I don’t get bored because I’m outside and moving. I made the decision several years ago that exercise was a priority. Deciding is the factor.  You can think about it, say you need to start exercising, but until you decide you are going to, you won’t take that step. Exercising with someone else can help keep you on track, too. I have two walking partners – a Lab and a Scottie. Sad eyes are hard to turn down!

What would you suggest to someone who wants to exercise but doesn’t want to join a gym?

Start walking. Walking is great exercise. I’m not talking about a stroll, but walking fast enough to get your heart rate up. You may have to start slow, but stick with it. A half a block is better than no block.  Build up the distance. It’s amazing how good you start to feel!    

What is your opinion on how diet affects weight loss?

Obviously, you can lose weight without exercise. But it comes off faster, and I think you’re more likely to keep it off with exercise (plus you can have that extra cookie every now and then).  Weight loss in itself is of course beneficial. But, in combination with exercise,  you get the benefits of muscle tone/strength, cardiovascular health, and emotional wellbeing.   

How do you maintain a healthy weight during holidays and special occasions?

I usually put on a few pounds during the holidays like everyone else. I can put away some heavy duty calories with the best of them, and those who know me know I have a sweet tooth. But I don’t beat myself up about it. I especially stay diligent about exercising during holidays and may even do a few more minutes to help offset the extra calories. I also try not to have the temptation in front of me. “Move away from the table,” if you will.    

Who inspires you to stay healthy? 

I see illness every day.  Sometimes it is no fault of the person, sometimes it is. That serves as motivation for me to take care of the blessing of health that God has given me. I want to stay healthy for my husband, family, and especially those precious granddaughters.        

Do you ever struggle with sustaining healthy habits?

Of course! And when I fall off the exercise wagon, I feel bad physically as well as emotionally. I take a few days off every now and then, but try not to take too many days in a row. Once you get off your exercise schedule, it’s very easy to find many excuses not to get started again. Two of my “tricks” that I do to make exercising a priority are: 1) go by the gym before going home, or 2) go from the car, into the house and immediately change and walk. The saying is true:  “Putting on your exercise shoes is the hardest part.”  Once you’ve put on the shoes, you’re committed. We all have demands on our time while at work or at home. But if you don’t make exercising and healthy eating a priority, you perhaps won’t be able to meet those demands.      

What are some recipes that you like to make that are tasty and healthy?

Well, my tasty recipes are not always my healthy ones. I do have one for flourless peanut butter cookies (remember the sweet tooth?) I use the Splenda type of brown sugar, so that helps in the calorie count. I actually don’t have a whole lot of specific recipes that I use. I think sometimes we try to restrict so many foods that after a while, we just say “Forget it. It’s too much work!” We live in the real world, we are responsible for good choices. I think one of our biggest problems in the U.S. is portion control. It’s ok to have a baked potato, just not the one that is the size of a Volkswagen! Of course there are foods that are not good for us. But I think if we try to eat more vegetables, less starch, and proper proteins, (and the occasional cookie), we are more likely to stay with it for the long haul.


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