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Visit a Patient


Visits from relatives and friends can play an important part in your loved one’s recovery, however, a visit can be tiring for a person who is ill. In the best interest of the your loved one, it is suggested that visitors limit the length of their stays. A family member can assist by coordinating visits for family and friends. In most cases our patients’ time, especially mornings are scheduled for receiving care and treatment. If a morning visit is planned we suggest that you call ahead to make sure your loved one is in his/her room and that there are no planned procedures.

We ask that all visitors to CTMC respect the following guidelines:

  •  Only 2 visitors per patient at a time. 
  • Please keep visits brief. 
  •  Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult and are not allowed in the ICU. 
  •  Children should not be left unattended anywhere in the hospital. 
  • Visitors should use the main entrance to enter and exit the hospital. 
  • Visitors are asked not to sit or lay on any patient’s bed. 
  • Visitors with colds, flu or other contagious illness are asked not to visit patients until they themselves are well. 
  •  Visitors and patients should be respectful of other patients and keep noise to a minimum. 
  •  Visitors must check with the nursing unit before bringing food or gifts to the patient’s room. Patients may be on special diets, and certain foods are restricted. 
  • Visitors are asked to not visit other patients on the unit, touch equipment or change the position of a patient or their bed without consulting the nurse. 
  •  Visitors may be asked to step outside of a room while treatment, doctor or nursing care is in progress. 
  • Please observe al signs posted on patient room doors and ask the charge nurse for any assistance. 

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