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All job applicants and existing employees must read and agree to the following standards of behavior before proceeding to the careers page.

Below are the SHARE principles and Standards of Behavior. Each employee commits to these standards to help Central Texas Medical Center extend the healing ministry of Christ passionately providing world-class service and superior patient-centered care with a servant’s heart. Including but not limited to:

Sense (Initiative), I will:

  • Seek first to understand before seeking to be understood.
  • Walk someone to the location instead of just pointing.
  • Introduce myself thoroughly and completely before waiting on a customer.
  • Manage my personality such that I can be the positive and helpful person that is expected by my customers.
  • Learn and respectfully use the customer’s name immediately.

Help (Teamwork), I will:

  • Be on time to do my job and do my share.
  • Take responsibility for solutions to problems.
  • Keep our facility clean (picking up trash and clutter when I see it).
  • Try to understand how my work affects someone else.
  • Always wear my name badge above my waistline so my identity is clear to all customers.
  • Respond to requests with “My pleasure.”
  • Ask for feedback on my own performance.
  • Observe and respond to signs of discomfort.
  • Go the extra mile to be helpful.
  • Compliment and thank CTMC associates who help me out.
  • Not speak negatively about another department or person.
  • Not say “It’s not my job” or use the term “whatever”.
  • Be an ambassador for our organization by recommending other services.

Acknowledge (Empathy), I will:

  • Apologize for delays, waits, inconveniences or mistakes.
  • Listen without interrupting when someone is upset.
  • Make empathetic statements before explaining anything.
  • Not demean patients with statements like “the knee” or “room 210”.
  • Preserve and defend a patient’s dignity as a human being as if they were my own family.
  • Never minimize or treat another person’s feelings as trivial.
  • Be the first to make eye contact, smile and greet everyone in a friendly manner every day.

Respect (Courtesy), I will:

  • Guard the confidentiality of our patients’ information.
  • Be extra quiet on patient floors, especially at night.
  • Knock before entering a patient’s room.
  • Keep intercom interruptions to a minimum.
  • Speak to the elderly as adults, not children.
  • Address people by the name they prefer. Not call them “honey” or “sweetie”.
  • Dress and groom in a professional way.
  • Be constructive in criticism by attacking the problem, not the people.
  • Introduce myself before any physical contact with a patient.
  • Only use personal devices (e.g. cell phone) per policy (in a break room, not in patient or family areas).

Explain (Communication), I will:

  • Explain what needs to be done or what I am about to do.
  • Look at people when I talk or listen to them.
  • Frequently update our patients/family members/representatives on expected wait times.
  • Get back to individuals or departments about their requests.
  • Tell what I can do to solve a problem, not what I can’t do.

By taking these actions every day, we demonstrate our commitment to fulfilling Central Texas Medical Center’s mission to extend the healing ministry of Christ. As a CTMC employee, I agree to abide by these standards of behavior and will encourage my team to do the same.



Central Texas Medical Center
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