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All job applicants and existing employees must read and agree to the following standards of behavior before proceeding to the careers page.

Below are the iCare principles and Standards of Behavior. Each employee commits to these standards to help Central Texas Medical Center extend the healing ministry of Christ passionately providing world-class service and superior patient-centered care with a servant’s heart. Including but not limited to:

Introduce, I will:

  • Knock or ask permission to enter a patient room or curtained area.
  • Smile and make eye contact.
  • Greet patients, guests and team members by saying "Good morning/afternoon/evening," and use their preferred name.
  • Share my name, my purpose and my role.
  • Shake hands when appropriate.

Connect, I will:

  • Sit or get at eye level.
  • Ask, "How are you today?"
  • Refer to MIT on the communication board or ask "What is the most important thing I can do for you today?"

Anticipate, I will:

  • Ask the patient if they are comfortable.
  • Check if needs are met.
  • Explain next steps.
  • Be helpful and answer questions before they are asked.
  • Be aware of their facial expressions and body language.
  • Set time expectation for interactions as needed.

Reinforce, I will:

  • Restate the plan, next steps and wait times.
  • Be extra quiet on patient floors, especially at night.
  • Use visuals or educational materials.
  • List things you will follow-up on.
  • Ask, "What questions do you have for me?"

Extend, I will:

  • Ask, "What else may I do for you?"
  • Say, "It's my pleasure" when thanked. 
  • Manage up team, facility and experience.
  • Thank them: "Thank you for allowing me to help you."

By taking these actions every day, we demonstrate our commitment to fulfilling Central Texas Medical Center’s mission to extend the healing ministry of Christ. As a CTMC employee, I agree to abide by these standards of behavior and will encourage my team to do the same.



Central Texas Medical Center
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