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Diabetes Programs

The diabetes education program at CTMC has grown tremendously since 2011, when CTMC gained accreditation from the American Association of Diabetes Educators for Diabetes Self-management education (DSME).


To enroll in the program, your family physician refers you to attend diabetes classes. Patients learn how to manage their disease through meal planning, activity, medication and many other relevant topics that will help clients to control diabetes better. Group classes’ information is presented by CTMC’s certified diabetes educator (CDE), dietitian, pharmacist and physical therapist.

Medicare covers up to 80 percent of the fees, other insurances cover at the percentage rating established by them. All insurances cover classes depending on how much of the client’s insurance deductible has been met. Group classes are eight hours of education spread out over two days. We also provide one-on-one classes, conducted by a CDE.  If your provider gives an order for one-on-one DSME classes and the insurance covers them, that is a great option. They are customized to the each person's needs and go at their own pace.

Attendees to all classes also receive four follow-up visits free of charge after classes are finished. Ideally follow-up visits are set for one month, three months, six months and one year. Follow-ups are a crucial part of DSME classes. Visiting regularly helps diabetics to see areas of progress or identify challenging areas before difficulties arrive.

Support group

There is also a free support group that meets twice a month. Open support sessions are designed for diabetics to talk freely about any diabetes-related topic of interest. Structured sessions welcome health care speakers, who share information about specific diabetes topics. Support groups allow everyone to stay encouraged and build each other up over successes.

Free glucose checks

CTMC also offers free glucose checks and diabetes risk assessments on the first Wednesday of every month from 9-10 a.m. in the CTMC Main Lobby. Results are given right away.

For more information about CTMC's diabetes services, call the CTMC CREATION Health Institute at (512) 753-3818.

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