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CT (CAT Scanning)

Visit our “Lighthouse” CT Suite and you’ll think you’re on the coast. We provide a very relaxing atmosphere to calm any anxiety you may have concerning your test.

A CT procedure is a diagnostic examination that involves taking cross-sectional images of a patient’s internal anatomy, showing the body as a series of slices (like a loaf of bread.) CT is an advanced modality that can visualize bone and soft tissue structures inside the body (i.e., internal organs, joints, arteries, veins, musculature, tendons, etc.) CT can be used to view and diagnose a variety of problems such as cardiovascular disease, inflammation, infections, and cancer. 

Cardiac Scoring
Sometimes called a Heart Score, this is a screening procedure that identifies any calcium buildup (plaque) in the heart. Presence of plaque may mean that coronary artery disease is developing in your heart. The procedure is quick, noninvasive and painless. No preparation is required, and scan time is less than 60 seconds.


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