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Digital Mammography


Welcome to our spa-like Mammography Suite at Central Texas Medical Center. The private, relaxing space was created for your comfort and peace. Guests wear a soft robe during their exam and cushy Bella pads are applied to the mammography machine for your best experience. Your exam is performed on Hologic's GeniusÔ SmartCurve system, which provides Clarity HD high-resolution 3DÔ imaging technology, or the GE Essential Digital Mammography System, offering the high quality imaging required for early detection.  

If our radiologist detects a suspicious finding, we will perform additional views and/or perform ultrasound images of the area before you leave rather than calling you to return for additional imaging. When breast cancer is detected in its earliest stages, the chance for successful treatment is much greater. Breast cancer rates are second only to skin cancer among women. According to the American Cancer Society, women in good health should begin scheduling annual mammograms at the age of 40. This age can vary depending on family history of breast cancer.


Central Texas Medical Center
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