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The CTMC Birth Experience

The birth of your child is one of the most miraculous moments your family will ever experience.  With this in mind, our new Women’s Center has been specially designed to provide you and your family with an exceptional birthing experience in a spa-like atmosphere.

Your Satisfaction
The CTMC Women’s Center is currently leading the nation in patient satisfaction scores. For several rating periods in a row, CTMC has placed among the top 1% of hospitals in the nation.  We sincerely hope your stay with us is of equal quality and encourage you to speak to your nurse or any other CTMC associate to assist you in any way during your stay.

Comfort and Service for Your Family

During this time, we understand how important it is to receive love and support from families and friends as you celebrate this special occasion. In order to accommodate your guests, the Women’s Center features special amenities including in-room sleepers, flat screen televisions, free Wi-Fi, daily snacks delivered to your room, a Meditation Garden and more. 

Special Care for Mothers
To help and your partner celebrate, we provide a Celebration Dinner menu on your first evening with us.  And, since It’s important that you receive proper rest and relaxation while you are with us, CTMC has daily Rest & Rejuvenation and Maternitea services, which take place each day between the hours of 2 and 4 p.m.  This ensures proper rest, extra nutrition and bonding time for you and your baby. We encourage you to spend this time with your baby and your baby’s father only. All other visitors should be encouraged to visit at a different time of the day.

Breastfeeding Programs
We are committed to promoting breastfeeding as the primary source of infant nutrition. We are a state-certified Mother-Friendly Worksite because we accommodate employees who are breastfeeding. Our childbirth center is part of the Texas 10-Step Program for maintaining a minimum 81% breastfeeding rate at the time of discharge.

Honeysuckle Mom & Baby Boutique
The Honeysuckle boutique, located in our Women’s Center, offers you a wide range of breastfeeding supplies as well as gifts for mom and baby.  The boutique is part of our commitment to creating a positive, comfortable and informed breastfeeding experience for the families we serve.  Hours are 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.  To reach the boutique or get breastfeeding support, call 512.753.3656.

Infants Who Need Special Care 

For infants who may come a little early or require special care, CTMC has a state-of-the-art Level II NICU to provide for your infant’s needs. Visitation to the NICU requires an identification bracelet and is limited to two visitors at a time for the safety of our newborns.  We have an in-house neonatologist to care for your infant(s) during your stay who will then transfer care of your newborn to the physician of your choice upon discharge. Mothers whose infants have to stay in the hospital after mom has been discharged are offered a guest room and three meals a day to remain close to their infants during this time. 

Photos of Your Baby

CTMC provides a special service to capture pictures of your baby soon after arrival.  We work with 365 Photography for this.  Information will be provided to you for access to your photos.

After You Return Home

CTMC is pleased to offer a variety of services to you outside of the hospital. Should you or your baby need in-home care, CTMC Home Health offers the same quality and compassion you’ve experienced here. In addition,  Mothers’ Milk Bank of Austin provides an opportunity for mothers who cannot produce milk for their baby to provide nutritious breast milk to their babies. CTMC is a donation station and we gladly accept breast milk donations on behalf of others.  

Parenting education, breastfeeding support, dietary counseling and assistance with managing your weight are available through our CREATION Health Institute. For more information about any of these programs, call 512-753-3818.

More than a dozen pediatricians are on CTMC’s medical staff.  In addition, some of  the 40+ primary care physicians on our medical staff also provide care for infants.  For more information or help choosing a doctor for your baby, click on the 'Looking for a Doctor?" link on the right.


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