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Support & Activity Groups

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT Weight Loss Surgery Support Group - Monthly meetings for those considering weight loss surgery, those preparing for surgery and for those adapting to the post-surgery lifestyle. Call 512.753.3511 for dates and times.

DIABETES Diabetes Support Group - Benefit from the experience of others living with diabetes and get motivated to follow your self management plan. Meets every other Thursday evening. Call 512.753.3818 to get connected.

GRIEF Youth, Adult, Family and Individual Grief Support - When you are grieving the loss of a loved one, support from others who are on this journey can give you great insight and healing. Call 512.392.1486 to learn about the meetings.

CAREGIVERS CTMC Hospice knows providing care for an elderly or ill loved one has unique challenges and emotions. Call 512.754.6159 to learn about the Caregivers Support Group.

STROKE/BRAIN INJURY Hope for Stroke & Brain Injury Support Group - Caregivers and survivors are not alone. Meet others who understand and can help. Snacks, drinks, support, information and compassion are all free. Learn more when you call 512.753.3539.

CANCER Breast Cancer Support Group - Get support for the various emotions and decisions you face in your journey. A new support group is forming. Call 512.753.3553 to join. You can also join ‘Look Good, Feel Better’ Cancer Support Group - call 512.573.5760 for details.

AUTISM Autism Society Support Group - Designed for parents and caregivers of people on the autism spectrum. San Marcos meetings cover school, camp, playdates, biomed and challenges. Visit or call 512.216.8424.


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