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Central Texas Medical Center: News

CTMC Recognized Physicians on National Doctor's Day

SAN MARCOS, TX – March 30 is recognized as National Doctor’s Day, and Central Texas Medical Center (CTMC) observed the occasion by providing a special breakfast and lunch for the CTMC medical staff. Doctor’s Day was first established in 1933 by the wife of a Georgia doctor to recognize the contributions of local physicians. It has since gained popularity in other communities nationwide.


“We appreciate everything our doctors do to support our mission,” said Jan Knott, CTMC’s medical staff director. “National Doctor’s Day is an opportunity for us to recognize them for their talent, dedication and compassion.”


In conjunction with National Doctor’s Day, CTMC held a contest for the doctors where employees voted for them in 11 categories. Winners were presented with certificates and are as follows:


Friendliest Physician – Kari Fay, M.D.

Physician with the Best Handwriting – Ellen Grimm, M.D.

Most Helpful Physician – Peter Untalan, M.D.  

Physician with the Best Smile – Gus Freiha, M.D.

Hardest Working Physician – Kody Kunda, M.D.  

Most Patient Physician – B. Godlewski,  M.D.

Best Teacher – Alcides Cairus, M.D.

Most Professional Physician – Charles Mathis, M.D.

Funniest Physician – J. Mazursky, M.D.  

Most Compassionate Physician – Abel Galaviz, M.D.

Most Tech Savvy Physician – Fransisco Hernandez, M.D.


All Nominees by Category:


Friendliest Physician – Drs.  Erik Anderson, Blair, Willis, Cairus, Freiha, Shapiro, Ivy, Santos , Grimm, Kepczyk, Moore, Mathis, Lee, Kunda, Untalan, Hernandez, Romeu, Calderon, Porter, Mazursky, Driskell, Swearingen, Hong, Godlewski, Williams, Galaviz, Pena


Physician with the Best Handwriting – Drs. Weng, Mathis, Ivy, Bermudez, Porter, Kansas, Kunda, Reid, G. Williams, Blaue, Malakoff, Hernandez, Duran, Shapiro, D. Smith, Allen, Trirogoff, Irwin, Kowalik, Untalan, Romeu, K. Burns, Calderon


Most Helpful Physician – Drs. Hernandez, Ivy, Swearingen, Mazursky, Godlewski, Irwin, Cairus, Porter, Shapiro , Malakoff, Kowalik, Alissa, Syed, Freiha, E. Anderson, Harrison, Minor, Johannsen, Reid, Galaviz, Mathis , Calderon, Fay, Pena, Hong, Jennings


Physician  with the Best Smile – Drs. Hernandez, E. Anderson, Moore, Williams, Irwin, Blair , Mathis Fay, Bermudez, Kowalik, Harrison, Galaviz, Untalan, Godlewski, Mazursky, Herrmann, Tweedy, Cairus, Calderon, Johannsen


Hardest Working Physician – Drs. Hernandez, Cairus, Syed, Calderon, Godlewski, Romeu, Harrison, Kowalik, Grimm, Pena, Irwin, Gremmel, Moore, Mazursky, Untalan


Most Patient Physician – Drs. Hernandez, Cairus, Minor, Freiha, E. Anderson, Ledoux, Long, Fay, Harrison, Mathis, Reid, Moore, Mazursky, Diven, Calderon, Irwin, Berro, Galaviz, Weston, Untalan, Kowalik, Kunda, Romeu, Johannsen, Smith, Grimm


Best Teacher – Drs. Hernandez, Mathis, Su, G. Williams, Malakoff, Kepczyk, Willis, Porter, Blaue, Shapiro, Irwin, Minor, Kimbrell, Mazursky, Harrison, Swearingen, Johannsen, Herrmann, Calderon, Reid, Pena, Syed, Kowalik, Untalan, Hong, Iglesia


Most Professional Physician – Drs. Weng, Diven, G. Williams, Shapiro, Blaue, Reid, Ivy, Freiha, Godlewski, Irwin, Harrison, Moore, Lee, Minor, Grimm, Iglesia, Neghme, Calderon, Herrmann, Johannsen, Syed, Kowalik, Fay, Untalan, Cairus, Hernandez


Funniest Physician – Drs. E. Anderson, Marek, Parker, Willis, G. Williams, Malakoff, Syed, Alissa, Hernandez, Minor, Porter, Godlewski, Pena, Galaviz, Kunda, Gremmel, Calderon, Romeu, Duran, Lee, Untalan, Santos, D. Smith, Cairus


Most Compassionate Physician – Drs. Hernandez, Fay, Moore, Kunda, Grimm, Mathis, E. Anderson, Syed, Kimbrell, Cairus, Harrison, Iglesia, Tweedy, Untalan, Calderon, Freiha, Gremmel, Pena, Kowalik, Long, Herrmann, Irwin, Reid, Baker, Cairus


Most Tech Savvy Physician – Drs. Porter, Irwin, Weng, E. Anderson, Swearingen, Johannsen, Kowalik, Malakoff, Syed, Cairus, D. Smith, Ivy, Romeu, Shapiro, Blaue, Hong, Mazursky, Untalan, Calderon, Lee, Williams


About CTMC

The hospital, which originated in 1923 as Hays County Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Memorial Hospital, was restructured in 1960. The present facility was opened at its current Wonder World Drive location in 1983. The CTMC staff of more than 700 employees works with more than 220 active and consulting physicians to provide quality services to patients and their families. In addition, over 200 community members and interns from area educational institutions volunteer their services to the hospital. In 2010 CTMC was named The Best Hospital in Hays County and received the San Marcos Chamber’s Green Business Award for its innovative, green efforts.


CTMC is a member of the Adventist Health System (AHS), a not-for-profit healthcare organization that emphasizes Christ at the center of care. Founded in 1973, AHS  has quickly grown to become the largest not-for-profit Protestant healthcare provider in the nation. Today, AHS  supports 43 hospitals and employs 55,000 individuals. AHS hospitals are comprised of 7,700 licensed beds, providing care for 4 million patients each year in inpatient, outpatient and emergency room visits.





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